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Security and risk in today’s financial market

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 19, 2014

In an ever-evolving IT landscape, financial institutions find themselves tasked with addressing greater, and more varied, risk. This was the theme of our recent webinar, “Financial Services: Security and Risk in Today’s Market.”

Protecting your financial services firm to the core

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 28, 2014

Recent security breaches such as the Target data breach and Heartbleed virus continue to strike fear into the hearts of IT professionals at organizations in multiple industries. Financial services firms, in particular, have found…

Now that we’ve all (hopefully) made peace with the Tax Man, it’s time to get back to the business of financial IT. So don’t file away this week’s FIN List before taking a read…

Under Attack: What banks can learn from recent data breaches

by CDW Financial Services|Mar 7, 2014

Data breaches at some of the nation’s largest retailers may grab headlines, but cyber attacks against banks are just as prevalent. We explored what makes banks most susceptible and what we found out may…

Volcker Rule, mobile security and big data

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 8, 2014

Despite the arctic weather that has much of the country feeling frozen, the financial IT industry continues to heat up. This week our FIN List takes a look at the latest trends — like…

Top 5 tips for branch automation

by Stefan Perreca, CDW Executive Account Manager, Financial Services|Dec 11, 2013

How can your brick-and-mortar financial institution be reinvented to meet customer/member needs? Whether you’re rolling out new bank or credit union locations, reengineering your branch or updating your current teller technology, modernizing your IT…

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