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Spring is in full bloom and it looks like the financial services industry has been planting the seeds of IT innovation! According to new research, financial IT spending will increase by 43% this year,*…

Gain insight on data loss prevention

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 13, 2015

Interest in DLP solutions is on the rise across all industries, including finance. Financial firms handle some of the most sensitive information out there. From customer histories to payment account records, any unauthorized data…

Protect against visual hacking in Financial Services

by Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder, Ponemon Institute|Feb 10, 2015

With recent headlines strewn with news of data breaches and more stringent notification laws looming, it’s no wonder that data privacy and security is top of mind in regulated industries like financial services, where…

Mobile technology is changing the way nearly everything is done in the financial services industry. From completing core banking services to monitoring investments and making payments — the mobile revolution is upon us! That’s…

Modern security for advanced threats

by Isabelle Dumont, Palo Alto Director of Industry Initiatives|Nov 21, 2014

This past year, as technology advances have continued moving forward, so has the sophistication of cybercriminals.

Advising the Advisor: Financial IT powers up your firm

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 13, 2014

From robo-advisors to cyberattacks and compliance regulations, today’s registered investment advisors (RIAs) face a new reality that’s growing more complex by the day. Embracing the right financial IT solutions can help RIAs navigate this…

The dawn of a new mobile security era

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 29, 2014

Today’s smartphones have come a long way since cell phones were invented over 40 years ago. And the way consumers use their mobile devices has also evolved. A case in point is the rise…

Mobile banking, cyber-security and branch experience

by CDW Financial Services|Aug 27, 2014

It’s impossible to ignore the influence of mobile technology on the financial services industry. Mobility continues to be one of the most impactful financial IT trends of 2014. Our FIN List this week takes…

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