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Video: Selecting the right financial IT partner

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 15, 2016

The number of financial IT solutions available to banks, credit unions and capital markets firms is greater than ever before. While having more options is a good thing, it can make choosing the right…

Protect yourself & your data against visual hackers

by Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder, Ponemon Institute|Jan 8, 2016

Are you and your data protected against visual hackers? Imagine one of your employees checking work emails on a mobile device at a coffee shop, unaware that a fellow customer is watching him or…

Fintech spending, blockchain spending and cybersecurity

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 18, 2015

A new study from SourceMedia provides the latest look at fintech spending priorities in the banking sector. This week’s FIN List has the highlights — including areas of increased spending (think security, data and…

Customer loyalty, digital disruptors and security

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 4, 2015

Customer loyalty and retention are critical to the success of any financial services organization. Unfortunately, a new IBM study reveals that customer loyalty for banks is shrinking at the time when it matters most….

Blockchain, merger activity and TRID

by CDW Financial Services|Oct 21, 2015

“The blockchain.” By now there’s no doubt you’ve heard the phrase, and that it’s positioned to upend the financial services industry. Well, this week’s FIN List takes a closer look at the excitement around…

Data analytics, cloud and biometrics

by CDW Financial Services|Oct 14, 2015

It’s playoff season, and we’ve got baseball fever! Our FIN List this week is the best of 5 — top financial IT trends, that is. Data analytics, cloud, biometrics, security and technologists as traders…

Mobile payments, security and blockchain

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 9, 2015

If you’re having trouble getting back into the swing of things after the long Labor Day weekend, don’t worry. Our FIN List is here to get you up to speed on the latest financial…

E-signatures, IoT and biometrics

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 3, 2015

What do e-signatures, IoT, biometrics, robo-advisors and mobile payment technologies all have in common? They are some of the most disruptive financial IT trends, and they’re all transforming how financial services organizations interact with…

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