Tag: Risk

Survey shows concerns over compliance trending down

by CDW Financial Services|Dec 12, 2016

While no bank or mortgage lender has a crystal ball to see what lies ahead in 2017, it is fair to say many lenders are feeling better about compliance for the year ahead. This…

Should credit unions outsource their compliance?

by CDW Financial Services|Aug 17, 2015

In this week’s FIN News Alert, we take a closer look at credit unions and one of their biggest challenges: compliance. According to NAFCU, a whopping 81%1 of credit unions said compliance costs had…

Security and risk in today’s financial market

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 19, 2014

In an ever-evolving IT landscape, financial institutions find themselves tasked with addressing greater, and more varied, risk. This was the theme of our recent webinar, “Financial Services: Security and Risk in Today’s Market.”

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