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You’ve heard of fintech, but what about regtech?

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 14, 2016

Fintech has been all the rage in the financial services industry lately, but a new and similar topic — regtech — is starting to make waves. Automation, data innovation and other technological efficiencies can…

Are new bank regulations affecting M&A activity?

by CDW Financial Services|Aug 8, 2016

We know that Dodd-Frank legislation has created many challenges for the financial services industry, but what impact do the regulations have on merger and acquisition (M&A) activity? This week’s FIN News Alert looks at…

SEC puts increased attention on exchange-traded funds

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 6, 2016

As the interest in and success of exchange traded-funds (ETFs) increases, the SEC is considering further scrutiny of the funds. This week’s FIN News Alert looks at the Reuters article, “U.S. Securities Regulator Takes…

Cybersecurity tips for protecting member data

by CDW Financial Services|Mar 28, 2016

While cybersecurity breaches are not new at credit unions or other financial institutions, they continue to cause worry and frustration among industry leadership. This week’s FIN News Alert looks at the Credit Union Magazine…

Industry pressures inform financial IT decisions

by CDW Financial Services|Mar 14, 2016

In our winter FinTalk Report, we spoke with Antonio Fazzalari of the IBM Analytics Group, Banking and Financial Markets, to get his thoughts on which industry pressures inform financial IT decisions. Regulations, data security,…

Trending in fintech: data, cybersecurity & biometrics

by CDW Financial Services|Feb 10, 2016

In our recent infographics (here, here and here), we outlined the top financial IT trends in 2016 for banks, credit unions and capital markets firms. This week’s FIN List has the latest on a few…

Become a master of compliance

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 20, 2014

For many financial services firms, the pressure to comply with a deluge of regulations is threatening to hinder productivity and profitability. In fact, 63% of U.S. banks and credit unions claim regulatory risk is…

From the Target data breach to the recent Heartbleed virus, it may seem like 2014 is shaping up to be the “Year of the Cyber Attack.” However, there are other financial IT trends besides…

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