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All (banks) aboard the blockchain

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 21, 2016

As discussed in our latest infographic, whether you’re ready for it or not — blockchain is here. This week’s FIN List takes a closer look at the benefits of blockchain for banks. Those include…

Mortgage Loans Grow for Credit Unions

by CDW Financial Services|Aug 29, 2016

As banks and credit unions work to grow their customer and membership bases, credit unions in particular are seeing strong growth in consumer lending. This week’s FIN News Alert looks at the Them Report…

The role of technology in regulatory compliance

by CDW Financial Services|Jul 1, 2016

No matter your segment of financial services, regulatory compliance continues to be a top concern and a possible threat to future growth. However, technology can be a helpful resource to ensure your compliance as…

Cybersecurity, blockchain and branch banking’s future

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 22, 2016

With summertime in full swing, now is a good time to make sure your cybersecurity measures are up to date. This week’s FIN List looks at the latest financial IT trends including cybersecurity, data…

Credit Unions eye growth with mortgage lending

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 20, 2016

Credit unions continue to seek growth and have recently seen an uptick in progress from mortgage lending. But could there be added risk with this increase in mortgages? This week’s FIN News Alert looks…

Hats off to innovation in financial services

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 15, 2016

Innovation in the financial services industry may not always commence with much pomp and circumstance, but a number of the latest innovations do earn top honors in the industry. This graduation season, our weekly…

A look at the future of financial services?

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 1, 2016

Technology is certainly playing a role in shaping the future of financial services. Blockchain, new digital banking platforms and mobile payments are some of the trends highlighted in this week’s FIN List. Are you…

Top 25 financial IT blogs: Best of December 2015

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 6, 2016

With December wrapped up, we take a look back at some of the top news stories that garnered attention from BizTech Magazine’s Top 25 Financial IT Blogs. The blogs covered a wide range of…

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