Tag: mobile banking

Legacy trading platforms, bank app stores and disruptive tech

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 18, 2014

As the World Cup kicks into high gear, fans across the country — and the world — are making their predictions on which teams will advance to the second round. This week’s FIN List…

Fraud prevention, mobile banking and big data

by CDW Financial Services|Feb 5, 2014

The Seattle Seahawks ruled Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, thanks to unstoppable offense, impenetrable defense and an aggressive game plan. This week’s FIN List reviews the topics — and tech strategies — that are…

Mobile banking, regulatory stress tests and more

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 15, 2014

It’s officially awards season, and Hollywood is abuzz with predictions on the entertainment industry’s winners and losers. Likewise, the financial services industry is predicting which IT solutions had the biggest impact last year and…

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