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Credit unions see strong growth from millennials

by CDW Financial Services|Dec 28, 2015

With Millennials continuing to be a strong target demographic for financial institutions, this week’s FIN News Alert highlights how the age group is increasingly abandoning big banks and turning to credit unions. The article,…

How branch banking can still drive business

by CDW Financial Services|Dec 21, 2015

While mobile banking continues to gain ground with customers, this week’s FIN News Alert looks at how branch banking can still drive business. The article, “Mobile Banking Grows, But Branches Still Drive Business” from…

Top 25 financial IT blogs: Best of October 2015

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 9, 2015

As we begin November, we take a look back at BizTech Magazine’s Top 25 Financial IT Blogs worth following in October. The blogs covered a wide range of financial IT topics including thoughts on…

The changing role of the credit union’s website

by CDW Financial Services|Oct 19, 2015

As more Americans move away from conducting financial activities at physical branch locations, are credit unions paying enough attention to the changing needs of their members? In this week’s FIN News Alert, we read…

Generational views on the future of financial services

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 28, 2015

What does the future hold for financial services? For this week’s FIN News Alert, we report on a recent survey that asked Americans of various generations for their opinions on this issue. The cutoday.info…

Reforming banking for a digital world

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 7, 2015

In this week’s FIN News Alert, we take a look at the convergence of banks and digital technology. As more and more banks integrate digital technology into their banking platforms, what areas can they…

IoT, mobile banking and Dodd-Frank

by CDW Financial Services|Aug 12, 2015

August signals the winding down of the summer, but as far as the financial services industry is concerned things are continuing to heat up. Financial IT trends like IoT, mobile banking, Dodd-Frank, Millennials and…

Top 25 financial IT blogs: best of July 2015

by CDW Financial Services|Aug 10, 2015

This spring, our friends at BizTech Magazine released a list of the top 25 financial IT blogs worth following. In our new series, FIN Industry Insights, we’ll check in with a few of those top financial…

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