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5 financial IT predictions to close out 2016

by CDW Financial Services|Dec 21, 2016

With just a few days left in the year, those “in the know” are making predictions for what 2017 will bring. This week’s FIN List has five financial IT predictions about top tech trends,…

All (banks) aboard the blockchain

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 21, 2016

As discussed in our latest infographic, whether you’re ready for it or not — blockchain is here. This week’s FIN List takes a closer look at the benefits of blockchain for banks. Those include…

Investing in Fintech

by CDW Financial Services|Aug 31, 2016

As we recently reported, fintech firms can be both friend and foe to traditional financial services organizations. But fintech firms may start to see banks as funding friends — especially since more banks have…

Hats off to innovation in financial services

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 15, 2016

Innovation in the financial services industry may not always commence with much pomp and circumstance, but a number of the latest innovations do earn top honors in the industry. This graduation season, our weekly…

Trending in Fintech: IoT, Robos and Mobile Zombies

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 6, 2016

There’s no ignoring the impact the Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to have on the financial services industry. Studies that assess the market size and growth potential of IoT in the finance industry…

Trending in fintech: blockchain, TRID & IoT

by CDW Financial Services|Mar 2, 2016

It feels like spring is finally in the air, and this week’s FIN List is blooming with the latest news and updates on financial IT trends and solutions like compliance, profitability, blockchain, TRID and…

Fintech’s top trends: M&A, payments, data & more

by CDW Financial Services|Feb 17, 2016

Valentine’s Day may be over, but there’s still a lot to love when it comes to the latest financial IT trends. This week’s FIN List has a sweet rundown of the week’s top fintech…

Blockchain, mobile payments and IoT

by CDW Financial Services|Oct 28, 2015

Halloween is just around this corner, but hopefully you won’t find anything scary about the financial IT trends we’re highlighting in this week’s FIN List. From mobile payments to TRID, IoT, the blockchain and…

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