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Solving the Data Storage Equation in the Cloud

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 23, 2017

While the majority of financial services organizations view their data as their most valuable asset, a large number of organizations still admit that managing the increased velocity and variety of data is challenging. Data…

On Guard: Protecting Your Mobile Devices from Attack

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 21, 2017

Mobile technologies are allowing many financial services employees and customers to easily access the information they need on any device they choose, whenever and wherever they need it. As the number of devices grows,…

Pushing the Boundaries of AI in Financial Services

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 17, 2017

Today’s financial institutions are under pressure to provide customers with better and more cost-effective access and advice. With these challenges in mind, many are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to meet customer-centric goals. In…

Ready. Set. M&A!

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 3, 2016

Regulatory pressures, consolidation and competition are driving increased merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the financial services industry. In fact, 51% of bank directors/executives plan to purchase a healthy bank in the next 12…

A Secure Path to Regulatory Compliance

by CDW Financial Services|Jul 5, 2016

From Dodd-Frank to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Wall Street has made it a priority to protect consumer-related financial data. Banks and credit unions can leverage security applications, software and firewalls to build a defense in…

How to turn disruption into innovation

by CDW Financial Services|Feb 11, 2016

Is it possible to turn fintech disruption into innovation? The new infographic featured in our latest FinTalk Report aims to answer that question. For traditional financial services organizations, it’s no more “business as usual.”…

Blockchain, merger activity and TRID

by CDW Financial Services|Oct 21, 2015

“The blockchain.” By now there’s no doubt you’ve heard the phrase, and that it’s positioned to upend the financial services industry. Well, this week’s FIN List takes a closer look at the excitement around…

Cybersecurity, hackers and data breaches

by CDW Financial Services|Oct 7, 2015

October marks the twelfth annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month, but to hackers and cybercriminals, every month — and every day — presents an opportunity to compromise financial IT systems. Would you believe that…

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