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The role of technology in regulatory compliance

by CDW Financial Services|Jul 1, 2016

No matter your segment of financial services, regulatory compliance continues to be a top concern and a possible threat to future growth. However, technology can be a helpful resource to ensure your compliance as…

FinTalk Report: Finding Security in the Cloud

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 19, 2016

The cloud is a powerful — and cost-effective — way to manage the vast amounts of data that today’s financial services organizations have amassed. Still, for many organizations, a cloud storage forecast carries the…

FinTalk Report: High-Performance Computing Infographic

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 12, 2016

Is now the right time to stay ahead of the marketplace by boosting your computing power with a high-performance computing (HPC) solution? The new infographic featured in our latest FinTalk Report helps you answer that question….

FinTalk Report: Getting channel optimization right

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 5, 2016

To remain on top of today’s competitive marketplace, channel optimization is a must for banks and credit unions. The Financial Insights article in our newly released Spring 2016 FinTalk Report dives deeper into optimizing channels to…

The latest trends in biometrics

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 27, 2016

While biometric technology is not new, its use is becoming more sophisticated and more widespread. For many banks, credit unions and capital markets firms, biometrics offer a potentially powerful weapon in the war on…

Getting data management right

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 21, 2016

There’s no denying the importance of data and the expanding role it plays in making your financial services organization more competitive. For banks, credit unions and capitals markets firms, the challenge lies in implementing…

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