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You’ve heard of fintech, but what about regtech?

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 14, 2016

Fintech has been all the rage in the financial services industry lately, but a new and similar topic — regtech — is starting to make waves. Automation, data innovation and other technological efficiencies can…

FinTalk Report: Driving Performance in the Data Center

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 26, 2016

For our Spring 2016 FinTalk Report, we sat down with Dave Malik from Cisco’s Advanced Services to get his insights on how financial services organizations can achieve higher data center performance. We asked Dave to…

FinTalk Report: Innovations in IP Video Technology

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 14, 2016

To take a closer look at IP video technology innovations for financial services firms, our Spring 2016 FinTalk Report includes a conversation with Stephen Joseph from Axis Communications. Stephen shares the latest trends that are influencing…

How to turn disruption into innovation

by CDW Financial Services|Feb 11, 2016

Is it possible to turn fintech disruption into innovation? The new infographic featured in our latest FinTalk Report aims to answer that question. For traditional financial services organizations, it’s no more “business as usual.”…

Capital markets firms power up data management

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 14, 2016

Data and speed are the cornerstones to winning in capital markets — but achieving data management at the speed your firm needs can be a challenge. Our latest gifographic takes a closer look at…

Optimize data management opportunity

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 7, 2016

For banks and credit unions, opportunity is in the data but effective data management remains a challenge for many organizations. Patchwork IT solutions, data center sprawl and aging infrastructure make it difficult to mine…

Data centers are critical to financial services firms’ information management and daily operations, especially in today’s era of big data. Still, 45% of IT executives have run out of space, power or cooling in…

Data driven: BI tools can boost your bottom line

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 5, 2014

Results from recent analyst reports quantify a growing interest in business intelligence (BI) tools among CIOs — particularly in the financial services industry. In fact, 52% of financial services firms rank analytics solutions as…

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