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Financial Advisors: How Strong is Your Data Security?

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 21, 2016

According to one compliance expert, about 70% of data breaches involve a compromised user at a given firm. What does that mean for your data security? And how can you protect your firm from…

The (M&A) heat is on

by CDW Financial Services|Aug 3, 2016

Just like the summer temps, the M&A environment for financial services organizations is still hot. And yet, a new regulatory environment could change what happens during a merger or acquisition. This week’s FIN List…

Survey shows uptick in use of financial advisors

by CDW Financial Services|Jul 11, 2016

As the economy recovers from the impact of the Brexit vote, many consumers continue to seek insights on their financial future from financial advisors. What is the business outlook for financial advisors? This week’s…

IT Disruption – Full Speed Ahead

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 28, 2016

As the “FinWatch” feature in our new Spring 2016 FinTalk Report explains, disruption is the name of the game – and the driving force of change – in the financial services industry. Watch to…

Trending this week: Financial IT, NAFCU and blockchain

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 6, 2016

2016 is here and we’re ringing in the New Year with a FIN List that’s packed with the latest financial IT trends and predictions, including the top news on NAFCU priorities, big banking ideas,…

The growing role of e-advisors in financial planning

by CDW Financial Services|Dec 14, 2015

With technology continuing to play a bigger role in financial planning, this week’s FIN News Alert looks at which technology trends, such as e-advisors, are helping the industry to evolve. The Financial Planning article,…

Trending this week: Millennials, mobile and e-advisors

by CDW Financial Services|Dec 9, 2015

Capturing the coveted Millennial demographic will continue to be a focus for financial institutions as we head into 2016. We’ve highlighted two new surveys in this week’s FIN List that look at key considerations…

Financial IT, branch of the future and biometrics

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 25, 2015

In anticipation of Thanksgiving, this week’s FIN List is stuffed with the most filling financial IT trends we could find. Feast on the latest with branch of the future, biometrics, the cloud and cybersecurity….

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