Tag: disruptive technologies

Maintaining the “fintech friendship”

by CDW Financial Services|Oct 19, 2016

Ah, fintech — depending on your position, it’s either a friend or a foe of traditional banks. Recently, there’s been more talk about how collaboration between traditional financial services organizations and fintech startups can…

FinTalk Report: Disruptive Technologies

by CDW Financial Services|May 26, 2015

Disruption is defined as a “disturbance or problem that interrupts an event, activity or process.” Emerging financial IT solutions like wearables, mobile and wireless devices — and non-traditional players — are certainly disrupting business…

Legacy trading platforms, bank app stores and disruptive tech

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 18, 2014

As the World Cup kicks into high gear, fans across the country — and the world — are making their predictions on which teams will advance to the second round. This week’s FIN List…

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