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You’ve heard of fintech, but what about regtech?

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 14, 2016

Fintech has been all the rage in the financial services industry lately, but a new and similar topic — regtech — is starting to make waves. Automation, data innovation and other technological efficiencies can…

IT Disruption – Full Speed Ahead

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 28, 2016

As the “FinWatch” feature in our new Spring 2016 FinTalk Report explains, disruption is the name of the game – and the driving force of change – in the financial services industry. Watch to…

Trending this week: Digital, blockchain and payments

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 27, 2016

With the trees and flowers in full bloom for spring, this week’s FIN List looks at the latest on the financial IT and digital trends that are in bloom for banks, credit unions and…

5 financial IT trends you can bank on in 2016

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 12, 2016

When it comes to predicting the future of financial IT there’s certainly no crystal ball. But, we’ve rounded up the top 5 tech trends in our new gifographic that we think will have the…

Data analytics, cloud and biometrics

by CDW Financial Services|Oct 14, 2015

It’s playoff season, and we’ve got baseball fever! Our FIN List this week is the best of 5 — top financial IT trends, that is. Data analytics, cloud, biometrics, security and technologists as traders…

Reforming banking for a digital world

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 7, 2015

In this week’s FIN News Alert, we take a look at the convergence of banks and digital technology. As more and more banks integrate digital technology into their banking platforms, what areas can they…

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