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Innovation is do-or-die for financial services

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 16, 2016

Innovation has become a do-or-die proposition for financial services organizations. Institutions must innovate consistently and add functionality to improve the customer experience and defend against new competitors. This week’s FIN List takes a look…

Industry pressures inform financial IT decisions

by CDW Financial Services|Mar 14, 2016

In our winter FinTalk Report, we spoke with Antonio Fazzalari of the IBM Analytics Group, Banking and Financial Markets, to get his thoughts on which industry pressures inform financial IT decisions. Regulations, data security,…

Trending in fintech: data, cybersecurity & biometrics

by CDW Financial Services|Feb 10, 2016

In our recent infographics (here, here and here), we outlined the top financial IT trends in 2016 for banks, credit unions and capital markets firms. This week’s FIN List has the latest on a few…

Are you vulnerable to visual hackers?

by Dan Burks, CPO at a major bank, on behalf of the Visual Privacy Advisory Council|Sep 29, 2015

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is asking banks to limit their tellers’ access to customer information to better protect customers’ data privacy.

Data security, personalized training and the cloud

by CDW Financial Services|Jul 29, 2015

In a recent FIN List, we covered how mobile technologies are finding their way into the branch. This week we’re digging deeper into the trend with coverage of the 2015 ATM and Self-Service Software…

Are your data threats hiding in plain sight?

by Patricia Titus, CISO, on behalf of the Visual Privacy Advisory Council |Jun 4, 2015

Consumer and enterprise financial institutions have a non-negotiable obligation to protect internal and customer data at all times — whether it is being stored, transmitted or viewed. CISOs often focus on traditional methods such…

Blockchain technology, robo-advisors and wearables

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 3, 2015

We all know that financial IT plays an important role in the customer experience, but when it comes to retaining Millennials, banks can’t rest on their tech laurels — they must do more to…

Core systems, mobile banking and video conferencing

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 15, 2015

I’m sure we don’t have to remind you that April 15 is Tax Day, but did you know that April 16 is National Stress Awareness Day? This week’s FIN List takes a look at…

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