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Big data for credit unions, what you need to know

by CDW Financial Services|Aug 1, 2016

No longer just a buzzword used in meetings, Big Data has many real-world applications for many industries including financial services. For credit unions in particular, Big Data may offer great resources. This week’s FIN…

Cyberattacks prompt feds to consider new protections

by CDW Financial Services|Jul 25, 2016

Hardly a week goes by without another news report about a bank experiencing a cyberattack or unauthorized computer hack. U.S. regulators are growing concerned, especially in light of high-profile attacks at JPMorgan and the…

Going mobile: The future is here. Are you ready?

by CDW Financial Services|Jul 20, 2016

The future of mobile is here. From new apps that appeal to non-customers to offerings for small business owners, mobile offers financial organizations opportunities like never before — but it also poses new challenges…

Top 25 financial IT blogs: Best posts of June 2016

by CDW Financial Services|Jul 12, 2016

June was a very busy month for financial services news. To take a look at the highlights, we pulled together the top articles garnering attention from BizTech Magazine’s Top 25 Financial IT Blogs during…

Trending now: Brexit, bitcoin and BI

by CDW Financial Services|Jul 6, 2016

As we wind down our Independence Day celebrations, the UK is ramping up theirs. The recent Brexit vote caused shockwaves across the world — including the financial services world. This week’s FIN List takes…

New guidelines raise questions on mobile security

by CDW Financial Services|Jul 5, 2016

With consumer interest in online and mobile banking growing, nearly every bank is offering or planning to offer these options. But can these banks ensure they’re providing the needed mobile security for their online…

A Secure Path to Regulatory Compliance

by CDW Financial Services|Jul 5, 2016

From Dodd-Frank to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Wall Street has made it a priority to protect consumer-related financial data. Banks and credit unions can leverage security applications, software and firewalls to build a defense in…

The role of technology in regulatory compliance

by CDW Financial Services|Jul 1, 2016

No matter your segment of financial services, regulatory compliance continues to be a top concern and a possible threat to future growth. However, technology can be a helpful resource to ensure your compliance as…

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