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Solving the Data Storage Equation in the Cloud

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 23, 2017

While the majority of financial services organizations view their data as their most valuable asset, a large number of organizations still admit that managing the increased velocity and variety of data is challenging. Data…

Considering the Cloud: Keep These Factors In Mind

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 22, 2017

Today’s financial services customers demand a flexible, personalized system experience. At the same time, data storage costs continue to drop — thanks to cloud-based infrastructure — making it easier to manage Big Data and…

Financial IT Trends to Watch: 2017

by CDW Financial Services|Feb 8, 2017

Those in the financial services industry ushered in 2017 with a feeling of cautious optimism. A new wave of financial IT solutions is transforming the very core of how financial services organizations operate ……

How Digital Innovation is Moving Financial Services Forward

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 4, 2017

The “FinWatch” feature in our fall 2016 FinTalk Report looks at digital innovation — how it’s both driving the financial services industry forward and causing some continued challenges to growth. Watch and learn more!…

How Cloud Spending is Changing IT Budgets

by CDW Financial Services|Aug 22, 2016

IT spending is steadily shifting from traditional IT offerings to cloud services. Just how much will cloud services and spending grow? This week’s FIN News Alert looks at the CFO Innovation article, “Cloud Shift…

Tapping the Power of High Performance Computing

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 2, 2016

The heat is on for capital markets to scale up IT infrastructure for high-performance computing (HPC). Increasing demand for managing and analyzing exploding volumes of data may be stretching your IT infrastructure to the…

Startup launches cloud-based banking core alternative

by CDW Financial Services|May 23, 2016

Banks around both the United States and the world are struggling with the challenge of old, inefficient IT systems that hinder data processing and product innovation. This week’s FIN News Alert looks at the…

Is regulatory compliance coming for fintech firms?

by CDW Financial Services|May 11, 2016

Is the call for regulatory compliance of fintech companies finally being heard? This week’s FIN List looks at the latest in regulatory compliance changes, including possible regulatory compliance scrutiny for fintech firms. Plus, read…

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