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Video: Selecting the right financial IT partner

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 15, 2016

The number of financial IT solutions available to banks, credit unions and capital markets firms is greater than ever before. While having more options is a good thing, it can make choosing the right…

What’s driving financial institutions’ IT budgets?

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 11, 2016

With 2015 wrapped up, this week’s Fin News Alert takes a closer look at financial institutions’ IT budgets and potential budget growth in the coming years. The recent report from IDC Financial Insights, “Worldwide…

Top 25 financial IT blogs: Best of December 2015

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 6, 2016

With December wrapped up, we take a look back at some of the top news stories that garnered attention from BizTech Magazine’s Top 25 Financial IT Blogs. The blogs covered a wide range of…

Video: Top Financial Services technology trends for 2016

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 6, 2016

To get the pulse of the industry for the year ahead, we took a closer look at the major technology trends impacting financial services organizations in 2016. We researched what specific trends banks, credit…

Tapping into Big Data is easier than you think

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 4, 2016

In this week’s Fin News Alert, we learn about how some independent advisors are finding ways to use Big Data information in their practices in a very targeted fashion. A recent article from FinancialPlanning.com,…

Top 25 financial IT blogs: Best of October 2015

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 9, 2015

As we begin November, we take a look back at BizTech Magazine’s Top 25 Financial IT Blogs worth following in October. The blogs covered a wide range of financial IT topics including thoughts on…

Financial advisors boost attention to cybersecurity

by CDW Financial Services|Aug 24, 2015

In this week’s FIN News Alert, we look at the mounting challenges with cybersecurity for financial advisors and their firms. As hackers and criminals continue to beef up their fraud attempts, “Advisers boost cyber…

Explore high-performance computing

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 6, 2015

Many financial services organizations are facing unprecedented data growth. And many are increasingly interested in unlocking the power of this data by leveraging high-performance computing (HPC) solutions to further analytics. In fact, data analytics…

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