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2016’s Top 25 Must-Read Financial IT Blogs

by CDW Financial Services|May 5, 2016

Good financial IT trends and content can be hard to find and keep up with. Luckily, our friends at BizTech Magazine have done the heavy lifting for you. For the second year in a…

Top 25 financial IT blogs: Best posts of March 2016

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 13, 2016

As the month comes to a close, we review some of the top financial IT blogs and their top posts on the industry in March. Here are the articles garnering attention from BizTech Magazine’s…

Top 25 financial IT blogs: Best posts of February 2016

by CDW Financial Services|Mar 11, 2016

As the first quarter of 2016 creates new challenges for the financial services industry, we look at some of the top financial IT blogs and their top posts on the industry last month. Check…

How to turn disruption into innovation

by CDW Financial Services|Feb 11, 2016

Is it possible to turn fintech disruption into innovation? The new infographic featured in our latest FinTalk Report aims to answer that question. For traditional financial services organizations, it’s no more “business as usual.”…

Top 25 financial IT blogs: Best posts of January 2016

by CDW Financial Services|Feb 9, 2016

With the New Year come new challenges and opportunities for the financial services industry. To take a closer look at the trends shaping the industry in January, we look at some of the top…

The latest trends in mobile trading

by CDW Financial Services|Feb 1, 2016

As mobile continues to shape our everyday lives, a recent study conducted by ORC International for the investment firm Fidelity revealed that 56% of mobile users are accessing financial apps for sophisticated investing tasks…

The latest trends in biometrics

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 27, 2016

While biometric technology is not new, its use is becoming more sophisticated and more widespread. For many banks, credit unions and capital markets firms, biometrics offer a potentially powerful weapon in the war on…

Top financial IT trends for capital markets in 2016

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 26, 2016

The New Year brings renewed energy for capital markets firms, as well as unique financial IT trends that will shape their organizations for the coming year. Regulatory compliance and cybersecurity challenges continue to top…

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