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Optimize channels, transform the customer experience

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 24, 2017

Welcome to the future of channel optimization. Today’s empowered financial services customers are taking command of their banking experience – and they’re demanding a more personalized experience and value through whatever channel they choose….

Branch of the future, automation and millennials

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 11, 2015

Despite the rise of alternative banking methods, the branch continues to be an important channel for customers and members. This week’s FIN List takes a look at what the branch of the future means…

The changing role of the credit union’s website

by CDW Financial Services|Oct 19, 2015

As more Americans move away from conducting financial activities at physical branch locations, are credit unions paying enough attention to the changing needs of their members? In this week’s FIN News Alert, we read…

Under construction: Building the bank of the future

by James Gordon, Senior Vice President of Information Technology, Needham Bank|Oct 23, 2014

Online and mobile banking channels have forever changed the way customers interact with their financial institutions, leading banks to evaluate exactly what the “bank of the future” will look like. Significant changes in customer…

Welcome to the branch of the future

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 16, 2014

The role of the branch is rapidly changing; it’s migrating from a place where customers perform daily transactions to a technology-rich center for financial advice and guidance. Our newest infographic provides a blueprint for…

Is your branch future ready?

by CDW Financial Services|Aug 22, 2014

Successful reinvention of your bank’s or credit union’s branches requires smart investment in the latest financial IT innovations, which will help your organization create a personalized omnichannel experience for its customers. 87% of bank…

Three tips to achieving a branch teller refresh

by Anthony Gabriel, CDW Financial Services Executive Account Manager|Jul 1, 2014

In today’s banking industry, the only constant is change. When it comes to the branch, the only way to stay ahead of this rapid change is to adopt transformative technology that enables smaller footprints,…

Faster payment systems, in-branch mobile solutions and more

by CDW Financial Services|Feb 19, 2014

If you haven’t caught Olympic fever by now, you might just be in the minority! As the Winter Olympics head into their second week, fans across the country are making their predictions on who…

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