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IoT, mobile banking and Dodd-Frank

by CDW Financial Services|Aug 12, 2015

August signals the winding down of the summer, but as far as the financial services industry is concerned things are continuing to heat up. Financial IT trends like IoT, mobile banking, Dodd-Frank, Millennials and…

Biometrics, blockchain and robo-advisors

by CDW Financial Services|Aug 5, 2015

Biometrics, blockchain, robo-advisors and mobile analytics have been some of the summer’s most disruptive financial IT trends — and they show no sign of slowing down. This week’s FIN List has the latest on…

Cybersecurity, mobile retail banking and wearables

by CDW Financial Services|Jul 8, 2015

The new Santander report, “The Fintech 2.0 Paper: Rebooting financial services,” predicts that IoT, blockchain and smart data will disrupt the financial services industry, but will also help banks remain relevant. Likewise, experts at NAFCU’s Annual Conference…

Consumer satisfaction, cybersecurity and tech spending

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 24, 2015

While Bitcoin may still elicit a lukewarm response from many in the financial services industry, the digital ledger technology behind Bitcoin — aka blockchain — is an undeniably hot topic. With the recent release…

Core systems, laser engraving and mobile device security

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 17, 2015

Cybersecurity is, unfortunately, a continuous battle for those in the financial services industry. Internal and external “weak links” can set financial institutions and financial advisory firms up for breaches — and loss of trust….

Cybersecurity, Big Data and branch transactions

by CDW Financial Services|May 28, 2015

Monday’s Memorial Day celebrations kicked off the “unofficial” start to the summer season, which has us thinking about which financial IT trends are heating up for banks, credit unions and capital markets firms. Cybersecurity,…

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