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Explore high-performance computing

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 6, 2015

Many financial services organizations are facing unprecedented data growth. And many are increasingly interested in unlocking the power of this data by leveraging high-performance computing (HPC) solutions to further analytics. In fact, data analytics…

CDW Financial Services by the numbers

by CDW Financial Services|Dec 23, 2014

Over the past 30 years, CDW Financial Services has helped more than 15,000 banks, credit unions and capital markets firms address their unique needs and challenges with the right financial IT solutions.

Prepping for Windows Server 2003 end of life

by CDW Financial Services|Dec 16, 2014

If your organization is still running Windows Server 2003, the clock is ticking — support for the operating system will end on July 14, 2015. For the financial services industry, failing to upgrade poses…

Become a master of compliance

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 20, 2014

For many financial services firms, the pressure to comply with a deluge of regulations is threatening to hinder productivity and profitability. In fact, 63% of U.S. banks and credit unions claim regulatory risk is…

Wanted: Financial leaders seek big data knowledge

by CDW Financial Services|Oct 13, 2014

Over 100 bank executives and directors participated in the recent 2014 Bank Director Growth Strategy Survey, and a whopping 52% revealed that they want to better understand how to use Big Data. With benefits such…

The dawn of a new mobile security era

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 29, 2014

Today’s smartphones have come a long way since cell phones were invented over 40 years ago. And the way consumers use their mobile devices has also evolved. A case in point is the rise…

Building a cloud foundation, one virtual brick at a time

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 16, 2014

The popularity of the cloud is reaching new heights in the financial services industry. In fact, 71% of financial services organizations say they plan on investing in cloud computing solutions. Building a cloud infrastructure…

Welcome to the branch of the future

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 16, 2014

The role of the branch is rapidly changing; it’s migrating from a place where customers perform daily transactions to a technology-rich center for financial advice and guidance. Our newest infographic provides a blueprint for…

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