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Ready or not, here “IoT” comes!

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 2, 2015

By now you’ve surely heard the predictions: The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming and it’s going to forever change the financial services industry. So, just what is IoT? First documented in 1999, IoT…

Gain insight on data loss prevention

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 13, 2015

Interest in DLP solutions is on the rise across all industries, including finance. Financial firms handle some of the most sensitive information out there. From customer histories to payment account records, any unauthorized data…

Aggregation services equal simplified IT infrastructure

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 2, 2015

Managing voice, data, storage, compliance and disaster recovery demands can drain capital markets firms’ resources. Aggregation services help firms simplify the process. Our latest infographic takes a closer look at the benefits of hosting,…

Contract management: A cure for what ails you

by CDW Financial Services|Mar 19, 2015

Contract management can be challenging, and it’s even more complex in the highly regulated and highly confidential financial services industry. Financial services organizations must comply with strict internal and external regulations, not to mention…

Five financial IT trends sure to impact credit unions

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 22, 2015

Credit unions will be faced with a host of challenges in 2015. And it’s always interesting to see which financial IT trends stand out as having the most potential to help turn these challenges…

Top tech trends for capital markets in 2015

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 15, 2015

For capital markets firms, the start of the New Year brings a renewed focus on the financial IT trends that will shape their organizations. It’s no surprise that regulatory compliance and cybersecurity challenges continue…

Prep your IT infrastructure for omnichannel expectations

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 13, 2015

Take one look at the headlines dominating the financial services industry, and you’ll see that omnichannel banking continues to be a top priority for banks and credit unions. Why? Research shows that 65% of…

Top financial IT trends for banks in 2015

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 8, 2015

It’s always fascinating to see which financial IT trends will be singled out as top priorities for banks each year. After the “year of the data breach,” it’s no surprise that risk management and…

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