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Feds Reject 5 Big Banks’ Living Wills

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 25, 2016

As regulations from the Dodd-Frank Act continue to cause pain for financial institutions, five large U.S. banks have failed to persuade regulators that they could go bankrupt without disrupting the broader financial system. What does…

Insights from a credit union’s data analytics journey

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 18, 2016

Interest in data analytics continues to expand among banks and credit unions. While demand is strong for the technology, the process of implementing data analytics can be long and costly, and mistakes are inevitable….

How the Internet of Things is impacting banking

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 11, 2016

With the introduction of new innovations such as mobile wallet, mobile banking and IoT, consumers are becoming accustomed to having access to their financial information and money whenever and wherever they want. How are…

Seagate and LANL team up on high-performance computing

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 4, 2016

The demand for supercomputing and high-performance computing (HPC) is heating up and many companies are seeking new ways to address data storage in resourceful ways. This week’s FIN News Alert looks at the Inside…

Cybersecurity tips for protecting member data

by CDW Financial Services|Mar 28, 2016

While cybersecurity breaches are not new at credit unions or other financial institutions, they continue to cause worry and frustration among industry leadership. This week’s FIN News Alert looks at the Credit Union Magazine…

Banks seek new tools for customer conversations

by CDW Financial Services|Mar 21, 2016

As more bank customers conduct activities online and via ATM machines, banks are experimenting with newer communication tools to try to revive lost mobile and online conversations. The latest FIN News Alert looks at…

Undetected malware blamed for Bangladesh bank heist

by CDW Financial Services|Mar 14, 2016

Cybersecurity and attacks continue to be a big worry for banks in the U.S and around the world. To see how sophisticated cybercriminals have become, this week’s FIN News Alert looks at the Reuters…

Tips for credit unions on keeping member data safe

by CDW Financial Services|Mar 7, 2016

As the number of new mobile payment options continues to expand, so does credit unions’ risk of experiencing data breaches. This week’s Fin News Alert looks at The Payments Review article, “Mobile Payments and…

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