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FinTalk Report: The financial needs of Millennials

by CDW Financial Services|Oct 15, 2015

In numbers larger than Baby Boomers, Millennials are poised to make a big impact on the economy and the financial services industry. Currently, their spending is about $600 billion per year, an amount that’s…

FinTalk Report: tech tips

by CDW Financial Services|Oct 8, 2015

The winter edition of our FinTalk Report is here and the “Tech Tips” section has some great insights on utilizing Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). It focuses on the value DRaaS can offer…

Industry update: credit unions

by CDW Financial Services|Oct 1, 2015

Credit unions have seen their fair share of ups and downs — as well as challenges — over the past decade. But, by nearly any measure, America’s credit unions are positioned for record growth…

Speed ahead of the competition with HPC

by Jonathan Hunter, CDW Financial Services Account Manager|Sep 29, 2015

High-performance computing (HPC) solutions can help firms gain a competitive advantage, mine data for new opportunities and lock down compliance reporting. Capital markets firms require an IT infrastructure that delivers speed, efficiency and flexible…

FinTalk Report: The Future of Fintech

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 22, 2015

We’re excited to announce that the latest edition of our FinTalk Report is now available. The Winter 2015 issue delivers real-world advice from industry experts and technology leaders, as well as the latest news…

Survey says: banks could be missing out on Millennials

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 17, 2015

CDW recently sponsored the Bank Director 2015 Growth Strategy Survey, in which over 100 bank executives and directors shared their thoughts on how financial IT plays a significant role in growth and profitability. The…

Banks bolster security with advanced malware protection

by CDW Financial Services|Sep 2, 2015

On average, there are 350 malware events per week in financial services1. That number alone is proof that financial services organizations need the best cyber defense they can get. Building that defense means investing…

Cybersecurity: Detect, Intercept and Protect

by CDW Financial Services|Jul 14, 2015

Unfortunately, the proof that financial services organizations need to step up their cybersecurity game is in the numbers: 84% of credit unions have been impacted by a data breach.1 There are 350 malware events…

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