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Industry pressures inform financial IT decisions

by CDW Financial Services|Mar 14, 2016

In our winter FinTalk Report, we spoke with Antonio Fazzalari of the IBM Analytics Group, Banking and Financial Markets, to get his thoughts on which industry pressures inform financial IT decisions. Regulations, data security,…

The data (opportunity) is in the details

by CDW Financial Services|Mar 10, 2016

For financial services organizations, opportunity is in the data — but managing it continues to be a challenge. An overflow of structured and unstructured data, patchworked IT solutions, data center sprawl and aging infrastructure…

Tech tips: Building a better mobile strategy

by CDW Financial Services|Feb 16, 2016

Mobility can be a game-changer for your financial services organization — if you’re not stymied by the complexities of building a strong mobile strategy. Our Winter 2016 FinTalk Report offers best practices for successfully…

The latest trends in biometrics

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 27, 2016

While biometric technology is not new, its use is becoming more sophisticated and more widespread. For many banks, credit unions and capital markets firms, biometrics offer a potentially powerful weapon in the war on…

Getting data management right

by CDW Financial Services|Jan 21, 2016

There’s no denying the importance of data and the expanding role it plays in making your financial services organization more competitive. For banks, credit unions and capitals markets firms, the challenge lies in implementing…

Bank M&A climate is favorable – but some concerns loom

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 25, 2015

Results from the Bank Director 2016 M&A Survey reveal that 62% of bank CEOs, chairmen, independent directors and senior execs feel the current environment is favorable for bank M&A. But, the survey also indicates…

FinTalk Report: partner corner

by CDW Financial Services|Oct 23, 2015

In the Winter 2015 edition of our FinTalk Report, the “Partner Corner” section shares great feedback from three members of the Intel Financial Services Vertical Team component of Intel’s Influencer Sales Group (ISG) on…

Banks build better data with BI

by CDW Financial Services|Oct 22, 2015

Today, unstructured data is everywhere — and banks are looking for an organizing force to help them render it useful. Enter business intelligence (BI). The concept of BI has been around for decades, but…

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