Top 25 Must Read Financial IT Blogs

by CDW Financial Services|May 25, 2017

While there’s no shortage of sources for financial IT trends and content, we all have limited time in our days. How can we know a specific source is timely or the best source for the best financial services tech content? Look no further — our friends at BizTech Magazine have done the heavy lifting for you. For the third year in a row, they’ve identified the top 25 financial IT blogs that are worth bookmarking, highlighting and adding to your RSS feeds.

Culled from reader submissions, independent research and even our own FIN List — these 25 blogs represent the most influential voices in financial services and technology. Check out a few of our personal favorites below, and then view the full list of 25 via BizTech Magazine.





Looking to read the latest on fintech? Fintechna offers a weekly digest of key fintech trends. Regular topics include fintech startups, blockchain, insurance tech and personal finance.

fintech finance




In addition to providing daily news on the fintech market, Fintech Finance produces regular videos that tackle key trends in the financial world. The site also invests heavily in a continually updated global database of decision-makers to inform its coverage.





Mortgages are essential building blocks in the economy and enable home ownership and a wealth of other financial investments that come with home equity. Mortgage Technology keeps you updated on everything related to the mortgage tech sector of the fintech world.

chris skinner






A noted author (Digital Bank and its new sequel, ValueWeb) and independent commentator on the financial market, Chris Skinner is well respected in the fintech community. In his day job, he serves as chair of the European networking forum, the Financial Services Club. Skinner’s regularly updated blog is a must-read on global fintech developments.

IBM banking




Recently, IBM has become a champion of emerging fintech like blockchain. The blog focuses on the future of banking tech, from blockchain to machine learning and cognitive computing — which happen to be core business focuses of IBM.

payments logo




While there are a lot of blogs coving the changing nature of the payments landscape, this blog provides authoritative news coverage of those trends. What sets PYMNTS apart is that it serves as an interactive business-to-business platform for companies in the payments market to demonstrate thought leadership, provide information about products and reach global decision-makers.

consult hyperion




Produced by the consultants at Consult Hyperion, an organization that focuses specifically on transaction technology, the blog provides thought leadership on the real-world impacts of financial technology, ranging from mobile payments to bitcoin and blockchain.

Daily Fintech




The Daily Fintech blog has a strong roster of industry-leading experts who provide fresh daily insights from an amazing team of fintech thought leaders around the world. They draw on their professional experience as entrepreneurs, bankers, investors and consultants to ground the insight they deliver.





Launched in 2009, Bank Innovation tracks and encourages innovation in banking. With regular updates on personal financial management software, digital banking, mobile payments and applications, cybersecurity and more, the site shows that banks are striving to incorporate new tech and stay relevant in today’s marketplace.




The site bills itself as the “leading independent newswire and information source for the worldwide financial technology community.” Finextra covers how tech intersects with wholesale and retail banking, capital markets and the insurance industry. In addition to daily news, the site also publishes a wide range of research articles, features, white papers and case studies.

In addition to making these top blogs part of your daily news cycle, we hope you’ll continue to tune in to FinTalk for our FIN Lists, FIN News Alerts and other financial services-related content.