Building Trust, Across Every Channel

by Justin Hester, CDW Unified Communications Strategist|May 19, 2017

When it comes to executing their banking needs, today’s customers have more options than ever. Likewise, today’s financial institutions have more ways than ever to connect with their customers — and grow their customer bases.

As a collaboration strategist, one of the most common questions I get from a bank or credit union is how to identify — and optimize — the right mix of channels to improve its customers’ experience.

Here are some tips on where to start:

  1. Move beyond the jargon. Finding the right mix of channels requires asking the right questions … and getting past the industry buzzwords. “Branch of the future” and “customer engagement” sound great, but it’s important to identify what those really mean for your individual bank. That includes looking at current customer demographics and who you will serve in the future.
  1. Consider the call center. The call center is often the primary point of contact for financial services customers. Unfortunately, it’s often a less-than-stellar source of customer interaction. New call center technology is available that can help cut down on the frustration that results in hang-ups or high abandon rates.
  1. Build a bridge with technology. Financial institutions can build stronger relationships with customers by incorporating new and innovative technologies. For example, direct-to-consumer video conferencing can link customers straight to a representative to answer questions or solve problems in real time. Identifying the right technologies — and figuring out a solid implementation timeline — can help you build those connections.

When customers are asking to trust you with their money and data, relationships are critical. Building a strategic collaboration strategy can help you improve every customer interaction and, in turn, enhance trust.

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