Shining a light on the future of financial IT

by CDW Financial Services|May 1, 2017

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, lucky for you, we’ve painted a picture of the financial IT landscape in just under 300 words in our latest FIN List! Fintech, robo-advisors, branch tech and innovation labs are the standouts in this palette.

  1. Why fintech is key to growing the global economy. Tackling persistent economic and financial inclusion challenges for the billions of people and the hundreds of millions of businesses that are on the sidelines is at the top of most world leaders’ lists. Imagine how much more economic activity would happen if financial technology were responsibly leveraged.
  2. Rise of the (robo) machines. Artificial intelligence, in the guise of robo-advisors, is about to be good enough — and, in fact, better than — human financial advisors. However, humans will still have a massive role to play in financial services, and it’s this human element that will make or break a company’s success.
  3. A technology advantage for the branch of the future. Human capital management technology is helping banks improve the way they hire, manage and retain top talent. In doing so, banks can provide an ideal branch experience that increases satisfaction and bottom-line results.
  4. Thinking inside the lab. Rather than resign themselves to fate and surrender market share to fintech competitors, some financial services firms are starting their own innovation hubs. These in-house labs are fintech incubators, startup accelerators and HR recruitment tools that will help position the institutions for success in the digital age.

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