A tech-forward approach to innovation

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 10, 2017

The madness of March may be over, but we’re still on the lookout for those financial IT trends and solutions that will be a “slam dunk” in April. Keep score of the latest innovations with our monthly FIN List roundup!

  1. For institutional investors, it’s time to embrace the future of tech. While society as a whole is very good at adding new and dropping old technologies, some say the investment community has catching up to do. Find out why institutional investors need to start being more proactive about their technology choices.
  2. Foster in-branch innovation with vendor partnerships. Financial institutions would be wise to look outside their own four walls to spark technology innovation. While fintech partnerships have been all the buzz lately, looking to traditional technology vendor partnerships to increase in-branch innovation can pay off for banks and credit unions.
  3. Learning to let go … of passwords. For all of their faults, the financial services industry is still finding it hard to leave passwords behind. Yet, it’s become increasingly clear that passwords are more harmful than they are helpful.
  4. Drinking the deep learning Kool-Aid. According to HPC expert Jay Boisseau, trends around big computing and Big Data are converging in powerful ways, including IoT, artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning. Innovating and competing is now about big, scalable computing and big, fast data.
  5. The impact of future tech on B2C financial services. As younger, digitally native clients begin moving into the market for financial services, becoming “digital first” is now imperative for the financial services industry. That includes exploring opportunities with AI and chatbots.

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