Mobile, Digital and Agile: Finserv’s Favorite Things

by CDW Financial Services|Dec 7, 2016

A better branch experience, more channels, digital banking and mobile wallets: These are a few of financial services’ customers’ favorite things! This week’s FIN List has the latest on all these financial IT trends.

  1. Banks need to offer multiple channels. Your customers have spoken, and they want multiple banking channels. While it can seem like a massive undertaking, banks that begin to unify the customer experience across channels will have a considerable advantage in 2017 and beyond.
  2. What does the future of the branch look like? Reducing your branch footprint or adopting an entirely branchless model is not the way forward. Accenture maintains that customers still value branch interactions, but they want those interactions to be more personal, immersive and relevant.
  3. It’s time to redefine the digital experience. To stay competitive, credit unions can no longer afford a cautious, measured approach to new technologies. If they’re to grow in an increasingly competitive environment, they must go beyond the status quo and offer streamlined, intuitive services that make members’ lives easier.
  4. The agile bank branch. When rethinking their branch strategy, banks can take a page out of retailers’ books. The branch, like the retail store, must deliver personalized experiences that blend person-to-person and digital banking experiences.
  5. Gaining a mobile edge. In a mobile wallet world, banks are striving to take top billing. Though digital wallets are struggling to gain traction, banks recognize the importance of winning this war. As any five-year-old will tell you, first come, first served — meaning that if your card gets registered first, it likely becomes the default.

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