Tapping the Power of High Performance Computing

by CDW Financial Services|Jun 2, 2016

The heat is on for capital markets to scale up IT infrastructure for high-performance computing (HPC). Increasing demand for managing and analyzing exploding volumes of data may be stretching your IT infrastructure to the max. Add to that increasing competition, regulatory compliance, elevating cyberthreats, and the pressure to drive performance up and costs down. How can capital markets firms ensure their IT infrastructures have the storage and computing power they need to make better decisions in a cost-effective manner?

To find out more, we sat down for a Q&A session with CDW Financial Services Executive Account Manager Tim Hagwell.

What are the top considerations for scaling up IT infrastructure for HPC?

First, the use case should be considered because this will impact the way you design the environment. The environment you are building should be designed around the application, not vice versa. Knowing how the application interacts with the hardware is critical. Once you understand that, you can architect the environment to maximize performance.

What HPC technologies are capital markets firms taking a closer look at?

The availability of public cloud resources on demand has allowed capital markets firms to be more nimble. Other technologies like FPGAs, GPUs and parallel processing are allowing companies to understand and react more quickly to the markets they serve, resulting in higher profits.

Servers and storage are critical for leveraging these technologies. The time it takes data to travel can often be a bottleneck in performance. We are starting to see solutions that minimize these latency constraints by changing where and how data is processed. Switches are now being designed with processors, hard drives and FPGAs that can eliminate the need for servers altogether.

How are you helping your capital markets customers stay ahead of the curve with their HPC needs?

There is an abundance of niche HPC IT manufacturers that are introducing disruptive IT products to solve HPC challenges. The CDW Financial Services team takes the time to learn about these products and the problems they solve. Our knowledge of the financial services industry allows us to help our clients more quickly identify the right solutions.

Ready to learn more? Download this CDW white paper, “High-Performance Computing: Capital Markets,” to learn how you can accelerate trading, risk analysis and other financial services applications.