FinTalk Report: Driving Performance in the Data Center

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 26, 2016

For our Spring 2016 FinTalk Report, we sat down with Dave Malik from Cisco’s Advanced Services to get his insights on how financial services organizations can achieve higher data center performance. We asked Dave to outline the trends that are influencing data center performance and to explain how data center transformation can benefit financial services organizations. Check out the highlights from our conversation below.

Today’s Data Center Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Automation

“Today, financial services firms are focused on driving automation into the cloud environment. They’re digitizing processes in their client bases and workflows with the goal of building a secure, self-automated environment. Automation drives simplicity, which drives down operating expenses, allowing repurposing of staff into areas that can help drive the business. Teams of developers, operations, networking, computing, storage and security are coming together to programmatically define their intent with policies that render through to the infrastructure.”

Transform Your Data Center and Your Workflow

“Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) within the data center is driving innovation because it simplifies the

IT process by making the application the focal point. At Cisco, we believe everything needs to be automated through an open standard. Every element must be programmable through tool chains. These basic concepts facilitate stitching of various services that build a much larger, potentially cloud-scale system. As a result, you can easily move your workload from within your four walls to burst for capacity to support extra workloads without compromising your IT policy. Policy is extremely important today in regard to innovation.”

To read our full interview with Dave, download the Spring 2016 FinTalk Report.

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