5 considerations when selecting a cloud solution

by CDW Financial Services|Feb 23, 2016

An intensified focus on efficiency and demand for customer-oriented technology is driving financial services cloud adoption like never before. When it comes to selecting a cloud solution, evaluating the options can seem daunting.

In this CDW Tech Vision video, CDW Cloud Client Executive Sandra Yu explains a handy acronym:

Security. How will critical data be encrypted and protected?

Performance. Can my users get land speed to applications in the cloud?

Integration. Will the solution integrate to legacy environments?

Legal. Does it meet global and regional compliance frameworks?

Loss of Control. What tools are available to give customers access and insight into cloud environments?

Learn how SPILL can help your organization remember the five key things to keep in mind when selecting a cloud solution.

Financial services organizations already deliver just over 30% of their IT services via the cloud, and Gartner predicts 60% of banks will be driven by budget to process many of their transactions in the cloud. If you’re looking for additional resources to help you get your cloud strategy off the ground, download the white paper, Protecting Financial Services Cloud Data and Applications,” or check out this infographic.

What’s most important to your organization when evaluation cloud solution or vendor?

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