Don’t let security concerns keep you from the cloud

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 24, 2014

For financial services organizations from banks to credit unions to capital markets firms, the cloud remains a cost-effective and sensible option to store and manage the vast amounts of data required for day-to-day operations,…

Modern security for advanced threats

by Isabelle Dumont, Palo Alto Director of Industry Initiatives|Nov 21, 2014

This past year, as technology advances have continued moving forward, so has the sophistication of cybercriminals.

Become a master of compliance

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 20, 2014

For many financial services firms, the pressure to comply with a deluge of regulations is threatening to hinder productivity and profitability. In fact, 63% of U.S. banks and credit unions claim regulatory risk is…

While the weather outside might be frightful (at least for much of the country!), financial IT is nothing to fear. The latest solutions are helping financial services organizations transform their operations, improve security and…

Advising the Advisor: Financial IT powers up your firm

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 13, 2014

From robo-advisors to cyberattacks and compliance regulations, today’s registered investment advisors (RIAs) face a new reality that’s growing more complex by the day. Embracing the right financial IT solutions can help RIAs navigate this…

To meet customer expectations, remain relevant and drive profitability, today’s financial institutions must be open to reinvention and transformation. This week’s FIN List takes a look at the role financial IT plays in creating…

Capital Markets: Getting an edge on the competition

by Tim Hagwell, Executive Account Manager at CDW Financial Services|Nov 6, 2014

As a CDW Financial Services Executive Account Manager, I’m seeing a number of trends impacting my customers, especially those in capital markets.

Cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and data analytics

by CDW Financial Services|Nov 5, 2014

Although the weather and the color of the leaves continue to change, the challenges facing the financial services industry remain the same. This week’s FIN List takes a look at some of the most…