Trending this week: Digital, blockchain and payments

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 27, 2016

With the trees and flowers in full bloom for spring, this week’s FIN List looks at the latest on the financial IT and digital trends that are in bloom for banks, credit unions and…

FinTalk Report: Driving Performance in the Data Center

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 26, 2016

For our Spring 2016 FinTalk Report, we sat down with Dave Malik from Cisco’s Advanced Services to get his insights on how financial services organizations can achieve higher data center performance. We asked Dave to…

Feds Reject 5 Big Banks’ Living Wills

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 25, 2016

As regulations from the Dodd-Frank Act continue to cause pain for financial institutions, five large U.S. banks have failed to persuade regulators that they could go bankrupt without disrupting the broader financial system. What does…

A look at financial IT trends on the horizon

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 20, 2016

This week’s FIN List takes a look at the future of financial services and the latest on the financial IT trends that are on the horizon for banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders and asset…

FinTalk Report: Finding Security in the Cloud

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 19, 2016

The cloud is a powerful — and cost-effective — way to manage the vast amounts of data that today’s financial services organizations have amassed. Still, for many organizations, a cloud storage forecast carries the…

Insights from a credit union’s data analytics journey

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 18, 2016

Interest in data analytics continues to expand among banks and credit unions. While demand is strong for the technology, the process of implementing data analytics can be long and costly, and mistakes are inevitable….

Trending now: collaboration, blockchain & payments

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 14, 2016

Collaboration: It’s become more than just a buzzword in the financial services industry — it’s a necessity to carve out a competitive advantage. In this week’s FIN List, we highlight two articles that outline…

FinTalk Report: Innovations in IP Video Technology

by CDW Financial Services|Apr 14, 2016

To take a closer look at IP video technology innovations for financial services firms, our Spring 2016 FinTalk Report includes a conversation with Stephen Joseph from Axis Communications. Stephen shares the latest trends that are influencing…

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